X-Men 2086 is a future version of X-Men in 2086 AD in Imaginationland.


  • Professor X: Also known as Charles Xavier. He becomes mentor of the X-Men 2086.
  • Jack: A Jedi sworn to protect Eternia.
  • Silver: From his Narnian home, Silver went to Xavier Mansion.
  • Omoi: Sister of Shadow Yamoto.
  • Dash: Son of Mr. Incredible, He has high speeds.
  • Diamond: A fan of Derrick Cole. Turns her skin to diamond. Is of G.I. Joe.
  • Chanbara The Daring: Brother of Dirk The Daring.
  • Sullivan: The son of Robocop.
  • Warpath: An Autobot who transforms into a tank.
  • Gold Lightan: From Japan, He transforms into a lighter.
  • Race: Piloted Speed Racer's Mach 5. Becomes a racer.
  • Tomahawk Tracey: From International Rescue. Pilots the Thunderbirds.
  • Yumeko Uhara: Japanese-African daughter of Nyota Uhara of Star Trek.
  • Sparkle: Mega Man's fan. Becomes an X-Man.
  • Wisper: Sparkle's friend.
  • Ace Lightning: His world is haunted by a circus of malevolentness. Becomes an X-Man.
  • Olympic: An athlete who is almost killed by Sentinels and saved by the X-Men. Knows Mario and Sonic.
  • Orion the Infinity Mijinion: A hero who is cursed by black magic.
  • Eye: Yellow-blooded monster friend of Ginormica.
  • Fire Soul: His father is Ghost Rider, leader of the Justice League of Watchmen.
  • Revamp: A vampire that can defeat his enemies and Magneto.
  • Brown Ranger: A brown Power Ranger. Piloted the Voltron Megazord.
  • Zeus: Chief god of Greece.
  • James: Matthew's son, an earth adept.
  • Maxihippo: A Maximal that transforms into a hippopotamus.
  • Maximum: The heroic son of the Brave Little Toaster.
  • Simian Junior: The brave son of Captain Simian.


  • Magneto: The main villain in the series. Debuted in issue 1 of the series.
  • Mon-Star: Magneto's Minion.
  • Skeletor: Magneto's Minion.
  • Mordroc: Magneto's Minion.
  • Darth Vader: Magneto's Minion.
  • Mephiles: Magneto's Minion.
  • Mumm-Ra: Magneto's Minion.
  • Prime Evil: Magneto's Minion.
  • The Hood: Magneto's Minion.
  • Megatron: Magneto's Minion.
  • Guts Man: Magneto's Minion.
  • Tai Lung: Magneto's Minion.
  • Solus: Magneto's Minion.
  • Enma: An evil mutant.
  • Demonlen: A powerful monster.
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