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Optimus: Why is it still morning... Oh... wait... Time on earth stopped?!

Isaac: Yes, look!

Kumamon: My, oh, my.

Sailor Moon: The orbit is wrong. It should be forwards.

Deadeye Duck: Now it's on pause!

Optimus: Let's go!

All: Right!

All they see, on Earth, are timestopped people walking.

Meanwhile, there, they see a humorous frozen object.

Kumamon: Look, Optimus!

Isaac: A peeing dog, like the one in the iconic Flickr photo above!

Optimus: If we touch it, the dog and his urine will get turned to stone.

Bucky O'Hare: Normally dogs chase rabbits and cats.

Optimus: Correct. Indeed.

Meanwhile, in an island filled with still-moving seas...

Evil Genius: The time-frozen earth is ours, no-one can stop us!

Master Xandred: Oh yeah! I love evil!

Meanwhile, on the frozen earth...

Kumamon: Excuse me! Ahhh!

Spider-Man: That man got turned to stone. What could it be?

Megatron: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You'll soon find out, heroes!

All Heroes: Megatron?! And Queen Beryl?!

Queen Beryl: The infinite clock for the planet has stopped.

Megatron: Nothing can stop us now, won't they? Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Megatron and Queen Beryl teleport back to Evilland.

Optimus: So, we have lost...

He-Man: Perhaps you are right, Optimus. Is there going to be one single stone statue of a urinating dog and its flowing urine- now also stoned- and that stoned man?

Brave Little Toaster: Impossible. How?

Captain Simian: If they had interferred with time...

Optimus: So, Evilland is at its worst, with still-moving seas!

The End?

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