Master Xandred.jpg

Master Xandred has led his minions to gain ground on all of us!


Megatron has led his Decepticons to victory over us!

Queen Beryl.jpg

Queen Beryl has led her minions to rule the universe!


KOMPLEX has led his minions to fight all of our last hopes!

Dr. Scarab.jpg

Dr. Scarab has led his minions to destroy all traces of nature!


Cybron has led his minions to attack our machines!


Kilokahn has led his own men into our electronic systems!

General Woundwort.jpg

General Woundwort has led his army to increase the pollution of the land!

Evil Genius.jpg

The Evil Genius wanted to take over our reality!


Wrath-Amon wanted to turn the people to stone!


Superboy-Prime wanted to kill dozens of people.

Evil Queen.jpg

The Wicked Queen needs to be fairest of them all.

Master Xandred has so far become a monster.

Megatron is always Master Xandred's colonel.

Queen Beryl remains Megatron's lovelife.

KOMPLEX has remained Xandred's sentinent computer.

Dr. Scarab has remained a mad scientist.

Cybron now works for Skynet, Xandred's evil orginization.

Kilokahn still calls humans meat-things from now on.

General Woundwort has become Xandred's general.

The Evil Genius has corrupted the land of Mordor.

Wrath-Amon remains a sculptor for Evilland.

Superboy-Prime remains an evil man of insanity.

The Wicked Queen wants none other than Snow White's death.

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