Defenders of the earth and beyond, they are heroes who protect the world from many evils.

The Insectbots

  • Flybot is a fly belonging to Europe. His power is metal and his color is red. Core Pentagon.
  • Antron is an ant belonging to Africa. His power is water and his color is orange. Core Square.
  • Fleadroid is a flea belonging to Asia. His power is fire and his color is yellow. Core Circle.
  • Waspborg is a wasp belonging to Oceania. His power is air and his color is green. Core Triangle.
  • Spiderfist is a spider belonging to South America. His power is earth and his color is blue. Core Hexagon.
  • Dragonflyght is a dragonfly belonging to North America. His power is wood and his color is indigo. Core Diamond.
  • The Centipede Centurion is a centipede belonging to Antarctica. His power is stone and his color is purple. Core Octagon.

Each Insectbot is designed by Dr. Jupiter as a result of the amber he found.

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