The Fannies are an annual Kim Possible Fanfiction Awards ceremony hosted by Zaratan and Commander Argus, with Triaxx, King in Yellow, and CaptainKodak making up the rest of the Fannie Awards Committee. It is held throughout the month of January with the results being announced mid-February.


The First Annual Fannies were held in 2006.

The Second Annual Fannies were held in 2007.

The Third Annual Fannies were held in 2008.

Note: Each Fannie is awarded from KP FanFiction stories either started or updated in the previous year.

Categories Edit

Best Writer

Best New Writer (started in 2007)

Best Story Overall

Best Series Overall

Best One-shot Overall

Best Novel-sized Story Overall (100,000 words or more)

Best Comedy

Best Romance

Best Action/Adventure

Best Drama

Best Crossover/Fusion

Best K/R Story

Best Kigo Story

Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bonnie, Kim/Drakken, Shego/Barkin etc.)

Best Original Character

Best Minor Character (From show, but expanded upon. i.e. Yori, Tara, etc.)

Best AU Story

Best Original Character Name (Following the KP naming scheme)

Best Villain

Best Songfic (category re-introduced in 2007 awards after being dropped from 2006)

Best Young Author (new category in 2007: eligible to authors 19 years of age and younger as of December 31, 2007)

Best Short Story (new category in 2007: multi-chapter short stories with a maximum of 15,000 words)

Best Writing Team (new category in 2007: stories posted in current year, eligible to those in which 2 or more writers collaborate on the WRITING of a story. Beta editors are not eligible to be considered as part of the writing team)

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