Eternal Champions X-Over is a crossover game in the Eternal Champions series.


  • Bucky O'Hare of the Aniverse: His destruction was caused by Al Negator in 1993 AD. Uses Shadow.
  • Optimus Prime of Cybertron: An Autobot who is killed in 2005 AD by a Decepticon. Uses RAX.
  • He-Man of Eternia: A warrior who was killed in 2300 AD by Skeletor. Uses Trident.
  • Goku of Japan: A Dragonball collector who was dead in 2009 AD. Uses Larcen.
  • James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise: He is killed by Romulans in 2390 AD. Uses Blade.
  • Despereaux of Mouseworld: He is killed by falling from the highest tower in the kingdom in 1690 AD by Roscuro. Uses Slash.
  • Robocop of Detroit: His archenemy, Ed-209, planted a bomb on him. The bomb killed Robocop in the process. 2499 AD. Uses Xavier.
  • Prince Caspian of Narnia: He is turned to stone in 1450 AD by King Miraz and the White Witch. Uses Midknight.
  • Jeff Tracey of Tracey Island: He has been drowned in the Pacific in 2104 AD by the Hood. Uses Ramses III.
  • Lara Croft of Croft Mansion: She was burned to death by her enemies in 1999 AD. Uses Riptide.
  • Sailor Moon of Tokyo: She is killed by Queen Beryl in 1966 AD. Uses Shadow.
  • Liu Kang of Shao Temple: He was killed by Shao Khan in 1987 AD. Uses Dawson.
  • Billy lee of Double Dragon Headquaters: He was killed by the Shadowmaster in 2001 AD. Uses Chin Wo.
  • Alice of Resident Evil World: She was killed by nemesis in 2006 AD. Uses Jetta.
  • Isaac of Weyard: He fell into a bottomless pit in 2098 AD. Uses Thanatos.
  • Cyclops of Xavier Mansion: He died of a heart attack in 2008 AD which is casued by Magneto. Uses Senator.
  • Superman of Metropolis: His heart was stabbed by a lage Kryptonite crystal in 2007 AD caused by Lex Luthor. Uses Blast.
  • Captain Planet of Planeteer Planet: He was frozen in ice in 2003 AD. Uses Zuni.
  • She-Ra of Etheria: She was stabbed to death by Hordak in 2921 AD. Uses Raven.
  • Harry Potter of Hogwarts: He was killed by the Avada Kadabra attack by Voldemort in 2002 AD. Uses Hooter.
  • Voltron of Planet Arus: It was destroyed by King Zarkon in 1999 AD. Uses Yappy.
  • Saber Rider of England: He was killed by the Outriders in 2396 AD. Uses Slither.
  • Zorro of Spain: He was turned to gold by his enemies in 1709 AD. Uses Crispy.
  • Uatu the Watcher: He is immortal and gathered the ones that he stated all died in tragedy. Uses Eternal Champion.
  • Aron the rogue Watcher: He is immortal and the dark side of Uatu. Uses Dark Eternal Champion.
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