Eternal Warriors: Capcom Edition is a 2D fighting game developed by Capcom. It fetures:

(Note: All of them are resurrected by Captain Capcom.)

  • Ryu 2006 AD Death= Stabbed through the heart.
  • Mega Man 2049 AD Death= Destroyed by Dr. Wily.
  • Arthur 1492 AD Death= Reduced to bones.
  • Strider Hiryu 2042 AD Death= Killed on the 200th floor in Dubai.
  • Jill Valentine 1998 AD Death= Killed by lazers.
  • Chun-Li 1986 AD Death= Killed by Bison.
  • Dante 1900 AD Death= Drowned at River Thames.
  • Amaterasu 0300 AD Death= Turned to stone by Yami.
  • Phoenix Wright 2009 AD Death= Shot at the heart.
  • Captain Commando 2008 AD Death= Virus emplanted on his heart.
  • Unknown Soldier 1P 2040 AD Death= Exploded in the Forgotten Worlds.
  • Barbarian 1240 AD Death= Turned evil by Drokmar's Orb, then dies.
  • Michelle Heart 2340 AD Death= Killed by Dark.
  • Morrigan Aensland 1300 AD Death= Killed by a man who drove a stake of garlic through her heart.
  • Guile 1995 AD Death= Murdered by Sagat.
  • Cody 1975 AD Death= Overkilled by subway train.
  • Lee Wong 1095 AD Death= Falls over cliff, having crosses for eyes and his toungue sticking when dead.
  • Infinity Mijinion 8990 AD Death= When he sees the constellation Orion, he betrays Sigma. He is killed.
  • Bubble Man 7868 AD Death= Betrays Wily. Killed by Tron Bonne.

Final Boss

  • Captain Capcom 9999 AD Death= ?? He lives forever. He has five forms when you fight him.
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