Disney Channel will air episodes of their series about shrinking. Most of these episodes will focus on shrinking the male characters of each show in preparation for their upcoming movie "Gigantic".

Jessie(possible)- Ravi dreams of creating a shrink ray that would win him a Nobel prize ending with him and Luke shrinking and running around their penthouse loft in the hopes of getting Jessie, Emma, or Zuri's attention so that one of them could return them to normal size. But the boys will soon find the dangerous side of Ravi's invention as they try hard just to survive before they can get their attention.

Liv & Maddie- The girls get into a fight and dream about about the other later that night. Maddie would dream about Liv in her Skyvolt costume playing acting as if she was the character on the show. While Liv would dream about Maddie and her basketball team since they were still stat champions from the last episode of season 2 into the season 3 premiere.

I didn't do it- TBA

Best Friends Whenever- TBA

Austin & Ally- TBA

Bunk'd(Possible)- TBA

KC Undercover- TBA

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