The Attack Bot Group serves both Pandora's Box and Sinseven.


  • Infernus: Incinerator-themed leader of the group.
  • Exhaustor: Pipe-themed scientist and pirate.
  • Digger: Spade-themed ally from Egypt.
  • Aerocide: A Spray Bottle-themed master of disguise.
  • Cleptomag: A Magnet-themed threat from Mexico.
  • Loudmouth: Speaker-themed, he is a navigator from Russia.
  • Tankor: A Decepticon-transformed Gas Cylinder-themed monster whom Chaos sent.
  • Drillobit: Tankor's big brother, a Boring Machine-themed robot. He gets bored of the plans of evil.
  • Shutter: A Camera-themed monster.
  • Reflectra: He is a Mirror-themed robot.
  • Freqwave: An Antenna-themed robot.
  • Electrogen: An Electrical Generator-themed former member. He was posessed by the ghost of a Brave and turned into the Prince of Lichenstein.
  • Triggs: A Gun-themed terrorist who kidnapps the Prince.
  • Fireus: A Cauldron-themed wizard of black magic.
  • Slick: An Oil-themed master of illusion.
  • Dynablast: A Dynamite-themed monster.
  • Vacusuck: A Vacuum Cleaner-themed gladiator from Italy.
  • Sawtooth: A Saw-themed robot. When he failed Akarax, he was given Chainsaws in order to get rid of us.
  • Balloonicus: A Balloon-themed Englishbot who remembers Disaster.
  • Doomloom: A mysterious Spinning Mule-themed fembot.
  • Devilrod: A Dowsing Rod-themed fembot who is from Australia. She is the one who attacked Crimson Man at the collosseum in Sky Grove.
  • Sewermane: A Manhole-themed robot created by Skynet & Count Dregon.
  • Pounderclaw: A Hammer-themed monster.
  • Spitzie: A joker who is Straw-themed. His red drink makes him strong tenfold, blue for bubble trap, purple for escaping, and yellow for destruction of buildings.
  • Spinadrill: A Drill-themed monster who comes from India.
  • Burnie: A Barbeque Grill-themed monster who lived in the planet Venus, moving to the Sahara Desert.
  • The Breaker: An Engine-themed robot who transforms into a car.
  • Aquia: A Shower-themed fembot who freezes men and not women.
  • Vendicart: The chef for the evils. He is Yatai-based. He comes from Japan.
  • Shogunuck: A Nunchuck-themed master of martial arts. He is Vendicart's brother.
  • Bottle Monster: As his name suggests, he is a Bottle-themed monster. He was given black magic by Fireus.
  • Dumb-L: A Dumbell-themed robot who is always dumb after failures.
  • Metargo: Combined form of those villains.
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