All Heroes United
All Heroes United is a film distributed by different film companies, including Senator, in Europe, The USA and others.


  • Justin Chatwin as Goku, the main hero of the movie and leader of AHU.
  • Edward Asner as Carl Federickson, father of Goku.
  • Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
  • John Travolta as Bolt
  • Wesley Snipes as Blade
  • James Caviezel as Kainan
  • Gerald Butler as King Leonidas
  • Ray Winstone as Beowulf
  • Freddie Highmore as Astro Boy
  • Keanu Reeves as Neo
  • Daniel Craig as James Bond
  • Alex Pettyfer as Alex Rider
  • Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft
  • Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
  • Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
  • Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime
  • Ron Perlman as Hellboy
  • Edward Norton as The Hulk
  • Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man
  • Patrick Stewart as Captain Luc-Picard
  • Bill Paxton as Jeff Tracey
  • Milla Jovovich as Alice
  • Antonio Bandaras as Zorro
  • Edward Hirsch as Speed Racer
  • Christian Bale as Batman
  • Mike Myers as Austin Powers
  • Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen
  • Brandon Routh as Superman
  • Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English
  • Halle Berry as Storm
  • Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian
  • Kristen Kreuk as Chun-Li
  • Channing Tatum as Duke
  • Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk
  • Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
  • Gabriel Macht as The Spirit
  • Bruce Willis as John McClaine
  • Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider
  • Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic
  • Thomas Jane as The Punisher
  • Reese Witherspoon as Ginormica
  • Steven Straight as D'Leh
  • Ejilah Wood as Frollo and 9
  • Gianna Jun as Saya
  • Billy Cadrup as Dr. Manhattan
  • Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl II
  • Jacky Earle Haley as Roscarch
  • Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre II
  • Matthew Goode as Ozymandiias
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian
  • Jackie Chan as Chon Wang
  • James Marsten as Cyclops
  • Peter Weller as Robocop
  • Slvester Stallone as Judge Dredd
  • Caleb Guss as Jason Voorhees, the main antagonist of the movie and leader of all villains
  • Hugo Weaving as Megatron, Leader Of The Decepticons
  • Ralph Finnes as Lord Voldemort
  • Neal McDonough as M. Bison
  • Roland Kickinger as T-800 Model 101
  • Eric Bana as Nero, leader of the Romulans
  • Luke Goss as Prince Nuada
  • Jet Li as Dragon Emperor
  • Mickey Rourke as Darrius Sayle
  • James Marsters as Lord Piccolo
  • Ian McKellen as Magneto
  • Sergio Castellitto as King Miraz
  • Bill Kingsley as The Hood
  • Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor
  • Christopher Lee as Saruman the White
  • James Earl Jones as Darth Vader
  • Susan Sarandon as Queen Narissa
  • Peter Dinklange as Simon Barsinister
  • Bill Nighy as Davey Jones & Leonard Saber
  • Jason Lee as Syndrome
  • John Boylan as Enik
  • Teri Hatcher as The Other Mother/ The Beldam
  • Segourney Weaver as Frieda
  • Christopher Plummer as Charles F. Muntz
  • Matt Gerald as Jason's technician Lyle Wainfleet
  • Koyuki as Jason's love Onigen
  • Hank Azaria as Kahmunrah, Jason's father

Release October 20 2015


  • Helkon SK
  • Senator Entertainment
  • Virgin Films
  • Milkyway Image
  • 1492 Pictures
  • Overture Pictures
  • Capcom
  • Marvel
  • Hasbro
  • Sega
  • Nintendo
  • Namco
  • Taito
  • Treasure
  • Konami
  • Toei
  • DC Comics
  • Concert Pictures International
  • Tatsunoko
  • Kaleidoscope Entertainment
  • E1 Entertainment

In one of the scenes, Goku mentions Heath Ledger's death- "2008 you died, Heath, but you are not the Joker anymore..."

Filming took place everywhere around the globe.

Logos at the beginning: E1 Entertainment, Kaledoscope Entertainment, Sega, Helkon SK, Senator, Capcom, Hasbro, Marvel, Toei, DC Comixs, Tatsunoko, Konami, Namco, Nintendo, Taito, Treasure, Concert Pictures International

The film begins in Camp Crystal Lake. A boy named Richard Tyler wishes that Voorhees would return as he fears. After that, it cuts to a now-destroyed Glasgow City in Scotland. The main hero, Goku stands up in the roof of the highest cinema in the world. Coraline (now speechless) gives Goku a Dragonball, which summons all the heroes from the rubble, including Wolverine and Optimus Prime. The music which the heroes rise is "Freedom Fighters" by Two Steps From Hell. He mentions Heath Ledger's 2008 death. After, he goes into the Burell Collection, only to find the villain Jason Voorhees. Goku made Voorhees retreat because of his Kamehameha. Jeff Tracey gives Goku a way to end the 1900-2900 War. He uses his Thunderbirds machines in order to rescue men from a building. They are too late. Jason Voorhees is to powerful and caused a fire, killing all the men. Jason later turned Anikan Skywalker into Darth Vader for his plans of evil. Goku states that he is too late. Storm, one of the X-Men, orders Goku to defeat Voorhees. Chun-Li, Goku's sister, says that his Kamehameha attack could put Jason to Pandora's Box again. If Jason is in the box, his curse over the world will break. Hope will be released from the box forever. Goku and his group All Heroes United draw a picture of He-Man and She-Ra, both of whom are found murdered at Kirk Alloway, miles away from the war-torn Glasgow. Near Kirk Alloway, Jason Voorhees stabs Sailor Moon, another hero, at the heart. Goku and All Heroes United take the three dead bodies to Captains Luc-Picard and his son James T. Kirk. They launch the Starship Enterprise and Thunderbird 3 into outer space. Optimus reveals that if Goku kills Jason, all the curse of evil will break and those that it killed will be resurrected. Cyclops rushes to Thunderbird 2 and fetches Goku. Kirk leaves Thunderbird 1 in Antartica, location of the Fortress of Solitude. He goes inside the Fortress. He finds the cure. The rest of All Heroes United go to outer space and go to Thunderbird 5 to rescue a soldier. Robocop goes to Thunderbird 4. When he does, Magneto unleashes black magic to Detroit. Robocop goes underwater to defeat Magneto and most of the Ed-209s. Jason Voorhees appears before Goku's eyes.

The film's climax: Goku, now armoured, goes into Metropolis to defeat Jason Voorhees, who is using his Kryptonite. Goku stabs Jason at the heart, reviving those he killed, breaking his curse, and restoring peace. He uses his Kamehameha to put Jason and the villain army to Pandora's Box. Judge Dredd returns to guard the city. Robocop rebuilds Glasgow. The heroes, including Jeese Einstein, Ryu Hayabusa, Mega Man, and Despereaux, are all in their win poses, in a rock near the ocean. They all freeze, and the last words below their frozen poses was "and they all lived happily ever after.". The credits play songs include "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", "There You'll Be", "Dream Away", "What If", "Yuria... Eien Ni", "If You Can Dream", "The Final Countdown", Animetal's "Denkou Choujin Gridman" & "Daitetsujin 17" Medley, and "Bokura Wo Nosete" Play. The closing logos are in order: Milkyway Image, Virgin Video 1991, 1942 Pictures, and Overture Films. Someone writes "The End" on the four logos. Victor Carloli narrates "This is a Senator Entertainment presentation.". The film ends.

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